Rabbi Dr. Eliahu Rahamim Zini Shlit"a


Born in Algeria, Rabbi  Eliahu R. Zini, is one of a long line of Talmidey Hakhamim descending from the most prominent student of the great decision maker Rabeinu Itshak Elfassi (The Rif).
Since his alya in 1970 he has being teaching as lecturer, Doctor in Mathematics at the Technion of Haifa, where he has also served as chief Rabbi for more than 40 years. The Rosh Yeshiva spends most of his time spreading the knowledge of Torah not only to his Yeshiva students, but also to a broad public all around Israel.

Fully devoted to his community, the Rabbi has been educating many generations of French speaking Jews one after another in a Torah-loving and Go.d- fearing respect of the tradition.

On top of that and through his numerous works on the Talmud and halakha, the Rabbi stands up for the renewal of Jewish life in Israel.

The Rabbi is the founder  and Rosh Yeshiva of the Or Vishua Yeshiva since 2001, when it became a beacon of light engaging students from all around the world.

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